Kitchen Installations

If you are contemplating a new kitchen, there are many things you need to take into consideration. Before you think about the design, make a sketch plan of your desired fitted kitchen as this will help you to list all the important features you wish to include, this planning stage is vitally important.

You can take inspiration for your kitchen from magazines and ideas from the internet and TV. You can cut out pictures to ensure your designer has definite ideas on what you want from your kitchen and understands the look you want to create.

When it comes to designing a kitchen, you should look at all available space. Our professional kitchen planning service can help you and advise on how best to maximise the potential space of your new kitchen and talk through the alternative options to ensure the best design for the space you have.

A new kitchen involves more than just design, you will need to consider budget and adjust your kitchen plans to work within your projected costing. If you have limited funds, avoid moving a boiler, gas pipes and waste as this will increase installation time and cost although the inflexibility of this may restrict your creativity when it comes to design.

You will need to look at power sockets and the amount you will need for plugging in large and small appliances, it is always better to be generous on this front as we are continually adding to our kitchen appliances.

When it comes to heating, this will need to be planned carefully. Whether you are looking at under-floor heating or radiator based, you will need to discuss this carefully with your planner to ensure the best positioning of radiators so that all the necessary groundwork is taken into consideration.

Flooring is an important aspect when planning your kitchen. The choice of flooring should not only be considered for its overall effect and enhancement, it will need to be looked at for practical purposes. A kitchen floor is a high traffic area and the choice of flooring should reflect a product that is durable, easy to maintain and clean with a non slip surface. Your kitchen floor needs to be planned carefully in advance as this will have a huge affect on services, such as plumbing and under-floor heating.

When it comes to kitchen style and choice of worktops, this is where you can let your design style loose although consideration of the style of house and linking the design with other areas in your home to create continuity is always a good idea.

Quality kitchen appliances often work out cheaper in the long term as cheaper versions will need to be replaced more often and are not always a cost effective solution. Choosing within the mid to high price bracket will ensure a quality product that will not only last for years but will give a excellent service.

Our professional kitchen fitting and design service will be able to advise on every aspect of kitchen design to meet your style and budget. Our aim is to ensure your kitchen is not only practical but that it is a place you enjoy for years to come.

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